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Pandora Lives Online

It could be said that the native habitat of the new language Na’vi is the Internet. Following the record-breaking theatrical run of James Cameron’s epic fantasy “Avatar,” fans around the world have taken to learning the language invented specifically for the film. They can’t travel to Pandora, the fictional home of the native Na’vi, but they can visit LearnNavi.org.

The Language of Graffiti in the Age of Pixels

It may not be a spoken language, but graffiti is a quintessential, loud, New York street language. Now it is going global, with the Internet enriching how this counter-culture language is transmitted, learned and practiced.

Surfing the Web to Learn the Words

Technology has boosted language learning immensely. Software such as Rosetta Stone, Live Mocha, XtraNormal and others have collapsed classrooms and enhanced language learning, as it is now possible to learn a new language entirely online. But some think this will never replace face-to-face language learning.

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