Sharing It

Through language learning programs such as Rosetta Stone and the BBC’s free learning website, it is now possible to learn a new language entirely online. But the Internet’s contribution to language learning goes beyond these programs. Now one can practice speaking a new language on LiveMocha, chat with other avatars in a different language on Second Life, or even learn to speak a science fiction language such as Na’vi or Klingon. Even graffiti — New York City’s street code — has now become an international language, thanks to the Internet.

Man vs. Machine

Online learning is replacing person-to-person interaction.

Writing on the Walls

It may not be a spoken language, but graffiti is a quintessential, loud, New York street language, and it’s going global.

Kaltxi, Friends!

Kaltxi, Friends!

Fans of the movie “Avatar” can’t fly to Pandora to speak Nav’i, but they can learn it online.

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